Live Duo USB Raid?

Is it possible to connect My Book Premium Edition II (Mirrored Raid) that I have into the USB port of a My Book Live Duo and access the data read/write?  As a Raid device?

Can I connect a USB Hub to the My Book Live Duo such that I can connect several other external drives?

Hello my friend, the back USB port on the MBLD is to backup the information in the MBLD using safe point or to map the USB hard drive as a shared folder. Don’t really know if a USB hub will work.


Yes, you can connect your My Book to the USB of the Duo. The My Book handles the raid internally so the Duo will see it just as another attached drive. 

When you attach the My Book (or any other drive) to the Duo it will create a network share similar to its Public folder which will allow you to access the USB drive and read/write to it.

Yes, you can connect a USB Hub as well. I have hooked 3-4 USB devices to mine.

I have had some problems with Mac formatted drives, but it was kinda random. 

I hope this helps you out.

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AWESOME!  Thank you for reply to this thread.