Live Duo - Slow Network Performance - Need Help

Okay so my setup is the below

Server --cat6–> Gigabit Ethernet Router --cat6–> Live Duo,  I am currently getting 30MB/s transfering files

When I change the setup to look like this I still get 30MB/s transfer speeds both devices are set to 1000M Full Duplex

Server --cat6–> Live Duo 

I dont see why this should not be running at a faster speed

Please can someone help

Thanks in advance

30MB write is about right. Reads should be substantially faster.

You say “both devices are set to 1000/Full”

How did you do that on the duo?

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Well, Live Duo is on Auto-Neg, But advertised as 1000M Full when plugged into a 1gbps Switch, My PC Is hard set to 1000M Full.

Thank you for the information, I was not aware of this

Read Rule 1.

Thanks for the information,

Is this speed a limitation on the hard drives inside or a limitation with the WDLD Nas itself… Basically would purchasing a different NAS give me better performance increase?


Sure… More money will get you better performance, usually…