Live Duo, how do i see what on it in Windows 10

Hi, i recently picked up a Live Duo 2 x 2 td drive.

I use a windows 10 laptop. I connected the wd drive to my router and see its as storage and media device under the Network settings. Ive updated the firmware today too.

How do i create folders and move files onto it. When i go to the settings i get green status at the bottom and it says 23gb of the 2tb is used, but i cant figure out how i send files from laptop to drive or see them.

Can anyone help me, is there anyway i can see it through a browser? Can i connect the laptop direct to it, rather than going through a network cable and just use it like a regular external hard drive?

I read somewhere that the live duo is not compatible with Windows 10? Is that true? What’s my options? Can i use these harddrives in another raid unit?

Hi Alan.Ireland,

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The Computer Browser service relies on the SMB 1.0 protocol to populate the Windows Explorer Network node in order to access My Book Live Duo on Windows 10. You can follow below article to get access to your data locally on Windows 10.

However, My Book Live Duo can also be accessed remotely through

Check and see if NetBIOS over TCP/TP is enabled. See article at

I had the same problem and changing the setting from the Default to enable fixed the problem.