Live Duo 6TB error

I have had a real concern trying to get the Smartware software to run on my machine, so have now given up on it.

So to clear all data from the hard drive and start from scratch, I have just reset my MBLD 6TB to the Full Factory Restore and am now trying to convert the drive to Raid 1.

When I try and do this i get an error message saying :

31807 Internal Server Error

Please retry your last operation.

I also have a message in my pull down menu that states:

The data volume on the drive is not accessible. Please contact customer service.

Can anyone advise what this all means and what I need to do to convert my drive to Raid1.



Try connecting the my book directly to the PC and see if the same problem happens again. You can also try pressing the reset button on the back of the my book and try again.