Live Duo 6TB drive rebuilding taking its time (new out of box)

Sorry for the board admins and other members who have read this countless times, as I have also read numerous threads on this issue on the same forum at different points in time. But it appeared that many times people had more data in it already…

I just purchased My Book Live Duo 6tb yesterday and proceeded with setting it up as RAID1. It ships as spanning so I converted it to RAID1. It then automatically proceeded with rebuilding. I had not placed anything in the drive and have not even ventured to look at what was in the drive but I did set up a backup point as recommended by the WD program. The program showed that 3gb out of the 6TB (or now, 3TB after conversion) has been used. Backup file was approx 500mb I believe.

Anyway, so it has been rebuilding since last night and so far reached 11% in around 10 hours. I noticed when the computer was off, the drive LED was green, while when the computer was turned back on in the morning the drive LED turned blue. Do I need to keep the computer on as it rebuilds? What are the blue/green LED indicators? and should it be taking this long the rebuild a new drive which I have not even accessed?

Many thanks! 

Taken from the manual, page 73.

“The drive starts the rebuild process automatically. The rebuild may take up to 15 hours
depending on drive capacity and activity, but typically will complete in 7 to 12 hours.
Allow the RAID rebuild to complete”

For the LED status check page 12.

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The rebuild takes MUCH longer if the drive is also busy doing media indexing or photo generation for the remote apps.

Thanks for the replies! I haven’t done anything else to the drive out of box so it shouldn’t have anything else to do. Guess it’s just the auto-rebuild it has went into after clicking the convert button. It was just taking a lot longer than I expected for a drive that should be pretty much empty… 

Plus the flickering between blue and green every few hours without me doing anyhting to it…