Live drive is very slow and poor support from WD

I brought this drive from WD store few days back.

  1. The drive is connected to my N router, copying data 120 GB from Windows 7 PC to drive took about 5 hours. 

  2. Time Machine copy total of 458 GB took more than 2 days and just copied 110 GB. Finally I stoped.

  3. Contacted WD to return the live drive about 4 days back, did not heard any word from them. Never buy it from WD store. Lesson learned!

  4. From the live drive DLNS shared Photo on my Sony Blu Ray player shows crappy, same photo shared with Windows Media Player shows nicely and fast.

  5. I had also purchsed WD TV Player form MacMall, teh DLNS share was getting disconnected each time after 10/15 minutes, contacted WD support, replied back to me after 10 days. Thank you Macmall, they took it back without any question, when I showed then problem.

Think twice before you by WD products. Specially from WD Store.

If you are copying such large data via wireless, that would be your bottleneck. Not MBL. I would think you are since your main and only reference was wireless N. Now, just because you have a wireless N does not mean all the wireless connections are Wireless N. It all depends on the hardware on laptops/PCs. Have a feeling some might be Wireless G.