Live Book not accessible after change of internet provider (yet dashboard is ok!)


after changing my internet provider I cannot access my Live Book via Windows Explorer. The new internet provider uses cable and a new FritzBox 6360. The TwonkyMedia Server and the dashboard website program are both accessible, so it seems that the HD is ok. The problem seems to be some Windows network entry values.

The harddrive appears in the network environment, yet upon clicking I either get the error message with “error code 0x80070035, network path was not found” or it asks for the credentials. The same happens if I use directly the network path number. Furhter,  I tried the following:

  • all users

  • rename the NAS harddrive

  • change password

My system is Windows 7, 64bit, SP1.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

find out its IP on the new router to see if it is listed. If it is try accessing by IP via Windows Explorer.


If that works, but does not work by name “\MBL-name”, try to flush out the DNS.

Open a CMD window and type “ipconfig /flushdns”

Hmm, that’s strange. I cannot see it in the ipconfig /all. But I can successfully ping it (currently IP

Anyway, I flushed the DNS, but \MBL-IP or \MBL-NAME continues not being accessible in Windows Explorer (or any other program trying to access the HD).

Could it be a conflict with the FritzBox which also has a NAS server?

Any other idea?

 if the dashboard opens with, it should also work from windows explorer as \

If dashboard works, but not the other, something might be blocking the ports.

Yes, this is the problem.

–> is working

–> with the old FritzBox, windows explorer with \ is working, but NOT with the new FritzBox.

What can I do to establish the ports? I’ve checked in the new Fritzbox, and the WD is appearing there with the correct address.

Any idea?

Since it works with the old one vs the new router. Compare the configs (page by page) between them.

There has been cases when FW software running on the desktop/laptop caused the issue by blocking the ports. but in this case the only change has been the router. Unless there were other changes as well.

it seems you keep the same IP when connecting to both routers. Are you set to static? That should not cause any issues though.