Lithium Mobile?

I see on lithiums website that’s linked at the footer that they’ve introduced lithium mobile for communities. Any plans to implement here?

Sooner or Later, Yes!  But don’t hold me to the time frame.  :smileyvery-happy:

Excellent.   Tomorrow, then!  :)   

Using an iPad is a bear the way it is right now… :slight_smile:

I would love to see this too.  :)

The Mobile forum add-on has been available since before we even complained about iPad not working with Lithium’s RTE.  I only know from reading the Lithium support forums back then and a few people mentioned it as if they were already using it.  Was this always on the cards, Bill, or is it being used as a workaround for Apple mobile users?

My technique for the iPad within the HTML editor is to first copy-paste an existing P-tag containing an nbsp space (or write one out to copy), then paste it in between my plain-text paragraphs, which I write without any tags.  The RTE knows to wrap them up, so it usually works out ok and is faster than tagging up every paragraph.

It’s definitely in the cards.  However, we are in the middle of some changes we have to make first, before we can add mobil lithium.  It will take some time.  Most likely months.  Sorry…

Any update on this, Bill? I keep running into a glitch where the HTML tab actually shows the RTE and is likewise useless. Can get around it in the main forum by hitting the tab again. However, it won’t go away in the Ideas forum.

Pardon me if I don’t quite get the whole picture, but I can fully use and navigate the Community from my Android phone (X10 Mini Pro) with no issues at all, can you guys please expand on the idea I won’t feel that lost? o.o


Sorry Pizza; this was a follow-up thread based on the issues Tony and myself were having with our iOS devices.

Apparently the Lithium guys are also Android users, because there are a major issues with Apple devices.

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Thank you, Pixel!

I’ve put in a request to see what’s up with the iPad, if they’ve implemented and, if so, what we have to do to get it connected.

This is what Lithium got back to me with…

We support the following mobile operating systems:

* I-phone OS
* Android OS
* Palm webOS
* Windows Mobile 6.5+
* Symbian OS v9.4+
* Blackberry OS 4.6+
* Symbian s60
* Windows Mobile 6.5

It appears that they support mobile phones more than anything else.