Listing names of DVD's/TV Series?

Hello, we’ve just set up our WD TV Live HD Media Player and could really use some help with being able to see the names of our DVD’s etc.

Every DVD and TV series we purchase we always “used” to copy and used the copies and keep the originals safe from being damaged.  I have two Buffalo external HD’s I use to copy our DVD’s onto, all the TV series on a 1TB, single DVD’s on the 2TB.  We set up the WD TV Live with the TV series external HD only to find that all the directories/sub directories I put each DVD into does not show up on the TV - example is Burn Notice (directory) S1_D1 (sub directory) S1_D2 (sub directory etc. yet on the WD TV Live all the S1_D1 shows as is a video.ts file for each and every .TS file on the external HD - could someone please tell me how we can get the names of the DVD’s we have on the external to show on the screen when playing through the WD TV Live.

OMG, I am sorry if I sound double dutch but when I look at the external through Windows Explorer it shows all my DVD’s by name (directory/sub directory) - if we want to watch a DVD on our TV now through the WD TV Live all we get are endless audio.ts files and we don’t know which one is which unless we scroll through each one and loot at the preview ???  By the time we do this we could have watched the DVD we wanted to in the first place.

Thanks, hoping someone can help


View by FOLDER instead of ALL FILES.