Listening to audio files without turning on the TV on WD TV live

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a WD TV live. So far I am pretty happy with it. However I don’t know if I’ve missed something but there would be a true killer app as far as audio files are concerned. I’ve connected the WD TV live optical audio output to my home cinema amplifier. I would like to play audio files without turning on the TV / play audio files whithout having to come in front of the TV to see what I could play…

The mobile application is just a remote replacement but I was disappointed not to be able to get the same interface I have on TV to scan the audio files. It’s clearly a pain when you have to turn on the TV, launch the audio file then turn off the TV because you don’t want to waste money in energy/ have a standing TV screen always on/have your TV age faster than it should. Have I missed something? Any solution for me?

Thanks a lot in advance !


Hello and welcome, 

You can use the control or the WD Remote app to control the playback, but it is currently not possible to navigate your song selection. 

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Thanks a lot for your answer.

I would have 2 additional questions:

  • if the song selection navigation function is not “currently” available, is it under development and should I expect to see it soon in a future version?

  • do you know if it is possible de playback a song through the WD TV live by controlling only my NAS (Synology 213j).

Thanks again !