Listening to and adding M4As to a pllaylist?

Hi all

I’m new here and can see this question being asked a few time but cant seem to find an actual response…

I’m simply using the mycloud app on my windows PC to listen to music (via the internet) from my mycloud device at home. Its absolutely fine streaming music and creating playlists as long as the files are MP3s. I can see my M4A files but am unable to play them or add them to a playlist. WD website seems to suggest that M4As are compatible.

So, why can I not play them?

Any help appreciated even if its to say “yeah that doesn’t work”

Thanks in advance.

Just testing now.

Android 6
MyCloud mobile app v4.4.6
connected to my device
playing .m4a audio file

M4A is a container format. In my case, containing an AAC media file. What media format are your files using?

Do you have an M4A/AAC codec installed on your PC? The MyCloud app relies on the host device for playback resources (i.e. MyCloud app is not a media player; it is a media controller).

Thanks very much. Useful. I have also just tested on my android phone app and all is good. Although I can’t seem to find how to create a Playlist on the NAS from my android app. Perhaps you can’t.

Re. The m4a codes on my PC… perhaps you have a point there. How do I go about installing one. Itunes works fine but I guess the codec is in the iTunes programme?

Not a geek but think I’m following?

You can install the K-Lite Codec Pack.

Using the My Cloud app on an iPhone, I can access my MC NAS via my home network, or any remote hotspot (e.g. xfinitywifi) and play any music files, incl. m4a files. (I do not use the program on the PC.)

The iOS MC mobile app cannot play from playlists, although I have lots of them. Playlists can only be played from UPnP sources, not Samba (shared) sources and the MC app only accesses and plays from the NAS as a samba/shared source, and not a DLNA/UPnP.

The MC NAS can serve media files via DLNA (i.e. UPnP) if a UPnP app such as BubbleUPnP, or Avia is used on an Android device. For example, I have both BubbleUPnP and Avia appsinstalled on my Kindle tablets so I CAN play my playlists on the Kindles (and can beam the music playing elsewhere via Bluetooth if I want to; say to a BT speaker).

I also can play the playlists (stored on NAS) on home devices that can access via DLNA, such as a WDTV that can access the NAS as either a media server or network share. I just use the WDTV’s media server access method (network shares access can also play the music files, but cannot access the playlists – only media server access can do this.

Hopefully, this explains why playlists can be played or not played. Playlists need to be played via DLNA/UPnP only.

BTW, I have requested to WD that the MC iOS app be designed to also access media via DLNA as well (so we can play from Playlists) but so far, the feature has not shown up in the MC app. My thinking is, if it can happen with the WDTV, why can’t it be done with My Cloud app!