Listening Music


I also oftenuse my wd elements for listening music, conneted with my home theater.

But, with the cuurent firmware, I _ must _ allways keep the TV on (with picture).

I would love to turn it off once I have the music selected .

 My current firmware is v1.01.10 (10/2010)



This is a great idea, hope it can be implemented, as I to use the WD TV Element to play my music.

Try this:    Instead of using HDMI’s AUTO setting, try setting it manually.

The WDTV Live Hub works the same way; if I set the HDMI to AUTO and turn off the TV, music stops.

If I set the HDMI mode to a MANUAL setting, the music stays playing.

I tried that, put it to 480p iso auto but music still turns off :frowning:

Did you change the HDMI setting to manual?  Because I can’t tell what you did by what you posted.

I changed HDMI from Auto to any other setting from the list, e.g. 480p or 720p etc.

This also happens to me, only way to listen to music with tv off is to set it to autoplay and just turning on the wdep, not turning the tv. This is rubish as i can’t select what i want to ear. May this be some hdmi issue with tv or av receiver?

I think they just implemented the firmware like that: if hdmi power off then go to standby. An update could solve this easily (e.g. new setting in a menu).