Lip sync ,sub-titles and remote not working correctly

Hoping you guys could help,this my first post  so please be  gentle. have had a  wdtv live for about six months and must say all i have had is aggro.constantly has lip sync issues and sub titles come on even when they have not been selected ,file will sometimes not play and the latest thing to happen after an update the remote does not  respond correctly, if i try to select a film pressing the up/down or left/right button the cursor just keeps skipping over the flims and

cycles through the whole library


Does this situation happens with all the files or with specific file types?

only seems to happen when playing mkv files . the random jumping from cover to cover when trying to select a film stopped last night but still having lip sync problems and subtitles still coming on even though they are switched off in the setting menu , i have to go into the menu and turn the subtitles on and then off for them not to be on.

oh dear back to the subtitle problem again, the time has come to say goodbye to this media player i think, i dont think this product  is developed enough to be sold to the public there just seems to be too many problems with it .i cannot understand how a company  can make a product that is so flawed . not only have i had all of the problems i have asked for help on but also when i got a wd 2tb hardrive to store my media on the media player would not regognise the drive i had to get a friend to partition the drive so it would work .im no tech expert i just want what i buy to work. if i had knowed it would be so much hassle i think i would have given wd products a very wide berth.