Lion (Mac 10.7) does not support EasyLink for connection to NetCenter

WD EasyLink 2.0.0 is only programmed  for PowerPC computers. The new Lion OS does no longer include support for such programmes.

What can I do to connect to my NetCenter when I upgrade?

The newest version of EasyLink is from 2005 -are there new alternatives that can be used with Lion?

If I were you, I’d try the Mac forums for this one since there will be thousands of different devices from different brands with the same issue due to Apple’s decision to remove and change established functions.

Come on!

Software develops rapidly and Apple is fair in supporting their different software products for a long time.

The EasyLink software was included when I bought my NetCenter in 2005 and it has never been updated. Is there really no way WDC or 3rd party software can help me maintaining the connection to NetCenter when I change to Lion?

WD has the netcenter as legacy on their page, so I don’t think they will update it.