Linux transfers at half the speed of Windows

I know that Linux is not officially supported as a client to the MBL, however I would like some input on something involving Linux. I have transferred files to and from my computer with Windows 7 on it via gigabit and got transfer speeds of around 100 MB/s download and 50 MB/s upload to the MBL. When I formatted my computer and installed Linux on it, my transfer speed was exactly half (50 MB/s from MBL / 25 MB/s to MBL) . I have done a crazy amount of research on this topic and nothing has come close to an answer to why it’s slower with Linux. The only thing I can think of is my Linux SMB client (gvfs-SMB via nautilus in gnome 3) is not transmitting with the same size SMB packet that windows 7 is (I heard somewhere that windows 7 communicates with much larger SMB packets than other OS’s). I however have not found a way to change the size of the packets that my Linux install agrees on with the MBL.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I figured out the problem. Nautilus’ gvfs-smb just runs slow. I tried mounting the share in my fstab via CIFS and now my transfer speed is around 75-85 MB/s. It’s not quite the 100 MB/s but I’ll assume since smb is windows native, the linux sollution just isn’t as refined, and thus, is slower.

Heck.  I’m amazed that you’re getting 100 MB/s (800 mbit/sec) and 50 MB/s read/writes with Windows!  Heck, that’s incredible with *ANY* system.