Linux support for WD Black NVME 2018

I have a WD SN520 stable running MINT 19.3 (with the kernel parameter fix,needs that too) for months now. I just tried the Ubuntu 20.04beta running on an USB stick. Without the parameter set in grub Ubuntu freezes (did not do any deeper digging into) while booting, but with the parameter set it boots up. So it seems that the drive still is not supported by the newer kernel but at least the fix still seem to work, although I did not do further stability tests, so no guarantee that it will run smoothly for long.

additional: For all who own the SN520 (512GB) as well: You can try nvme_core.default_ps_max_latency_us=14000 as parameter, which should give you one deeper power state (P3 with enlat:5000 exlat:9000 ). I did some testing (on mint 19.3 with mainline kernel 5.6.7) and it went smooth, while the P4-state I tried with ...=490000 (enlat:5000 exlat:44000 ) did result in a freeze after a few minutes)
If you test it recheck the enlat,exlat parameters of your drive with sudo nvme id-ctrl /dev/nvmeX where X is the nvme device in question (often 0) for yourself, the values for the Px states result vom simply adding enlat and exlat.