Linksys WUSB600N Wireless Connection Speed

Here is my setup - WD Mybook live connected through a Linksys SLM2008 (GB smart switch) to a Linksys WRT160N router on one end. On the other end, It’s the WD TV Live with a Linksys WUSB600N v2 stick. The distance in between is about 5m (16ft), direct line of sight with the router standing at about 1m (3ft) higher than the WD TV Live. Both the router and the stick are on WDs approved list and all devices have up to date firmwares.

When I try to stream a .m2ts file, all is well for about a minute or so, then the audio gets lost and video goes in a kind of slow motion.

When I remove the WUSB600N and attach it to my NB placed at the same location as the WD TV Live is, it shows I’m having a 270/300Mbps and never drops below that.

It seems as if the WD TV Live does not fully utilize WUSB600N’s speed. Sadly, there’s no way I could install a driver for the WUSB600N (that I know of), so…

Any ideas?

Just because the computer shows 270mbps does NOT mean that’s the actual speed it can achieve.   That’s only the negotiated DATA RATE.   The actual throughput can differ significantly from that number.

But given the conditions you describe, that sounds reasonable.  

Does it play well over a WIRED connection?   If not, it’s most likely that the bitrate exceeds the WDTV’s capabilities.