Linksheets with media library on

are linksheets possible with media library on. If so how come i can’t see my linksheets.

A couple of questions;

  1. This may sound like a silly question but do the linksheets display when the media library is turned off?

  2. What theme are you using? Does the theme support linksheets?

I think that I read somewhere that you can have the media library turned on but it will slow the scrolling down with the xml info (don’t quote me on this).  Have you cleared the media library?  You may also need to delete the .wdtv folder and allow it to build up again.

yes, linksheets works with media library on

  1. you must use a theme that supports linksheets

  2. the tag “title” must be removed from all xml’s

  3. linksheets go inside the root of the theme

  4. you must completely delete and then rebuild the media library, I suggest delete the .wd_tv folder from all drives