Linksheets for VIDEO_TS folder (dvd's)


I have been getting all 700 of my movies into linksheets format however I have about 50 that are dvd’s which an they are in VIDEO_TS folders. Is their a way to add a linksheet for these video_ts folders or do I need to rerip them into a single file and bypass the folder option. I don’t really wanna do this . At present I have all my non dvd files in 1 big folder named Movies but the dvd ones have to be in their own folder (Video_ts) Can I keep them in these folders and get linksheets to work asn well as xml data.

Thanks for your assistance.

Best thing you can do is create a .iso file from your video_ts folders and it works without any problem. Creating an .iso file from these folders is not really much work and it’s the best solution.

I agree with Jack. When I first started this process over a year ago, all of my movies were in VIDEO_TS directories. Though I could get them to play fine, I had many issues with covers and other theme problems. I eventually gave up and converted them to ISO files. That will maintain the exact same characteristics as the original and works well with themes and linksheets.  It is a fairly quick process as compared to ripping them to other formats (MKV, AVI etc)


problem with linksheets is that all file/folder names must be unique

so you can only have 1 sheet for Video_TS on the entire system

regardless of how many folders you have with that name

also, in your post you note Video_TS and Video_ts

linux is case sensivite, so those are not the same

if the folder is Video_TS the sheet must be exactly Video_TS

so that said, I think the .iso is a perfect solution

I just tested this before posting …

I *Renamed* my VIDEO_TS folder to the actual movie title eg. Blade Runner

Created and named the Linksheet   Blader Runner

And on Live Hub Firmware 3.05.10 the DVD plays fine and the Linksheet also appears.

Pressing OK or Play on the Blade Runner folder works just like a VIDEO_TS folder … dvd menu works normal as well.

Most of my dvds are in sub-folders eg. Blade Runner/VIDEO_TS … might start renaming the all now.

Anyone else wanna give this a test ?   because at least it works for me.

But, i think if later you wanted to back-up your dvd movie to a Blank DVD… then you would have to rename it back to VIDEO_TS

P.S. i also prefer *.ISO but didnt get around to coverting the remaining VIDEO_TS movies i have.