Linksheet thumbnails

I’m having trouble getting my movie thumbnails to show up using the CoCo linksheet theme. I understood how to get them to work using the old method of having everything in the movie genre folder, but using the linksheet method confuses me. Where do I put the cover thumbs and with what extension? I’ve got the linksheets working it’s the coverart that’s throwing me for a loop.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thumbnails reside next to your media files and have a .jpg file extension


ACTION ----------- Genre Folder

Contents of the ACTION folder below





etc etc

Hey Joey,

Thanks that was much easier than anticipated…:neutral_face:. A bit off topic, but from the main menu when you click on say “Movies” how do you control what the next submenu lists?

So mine right now lists things like downloads/photos when movies is clicked on…is there a way to limit the submenus? Or is their a guide somewhere showing how the live hub xml flows?

Thanks for your help.


You can’t control the behaviour of selected menu’s.

When you click “Movies” it should then go to your movies,videos,tv etc

If you are getting Downloads and Photos when you click Movies … then 2 possible reasons

  1. You have “Video Files” within those folders … or

  2. You are using a “Media Server” which will display Music, Movie, Photos folders etc

can’t really offer any advice on that …

but using “Network Shares” will eliminate that from happening

Hi Joey,

Could you elaborate on what you mean by “using a media server”?

When you are in the Video Menu, hit the Red Button on your remote and you will get a menu that lets you choose to connect to a Media Server (DLNA), or connect to a network share (Windows or Linux).

If you choose network share, you will see a list of available servers on your network that you could connect to. Media Servers are excellent, but have some limitations that network shares do not.

From the Live Hub User Manual:

Media Server
"This menu displays network attached UPnP media servers connected to your network and usage is optimized with DLNA compliant devices such as WD My Book Live personal cloud storage and other WD TV Live Hub media centers. The benefit of using a media server is that it aggregates the content together from the device that is hosting it. The media server hosts a list of supported file formats with metadata information that allows a client device like the media player to easily browse and play back the content.

However, using a media server can restrict supported file types and you may not be able to see all the files stored in the media server. When using a Network Share, every file is presented to the media player and it does the content filtering based on what it can support."

Good Luck