Linking WD EX2 Cloud via FTP to TrendNet TV-IP651WI wireless camera through a Netgear R6200v2 router

I am trying to record wireless video/pictures to my WD EX2 via FTP. I already followed the directions on this forum ( but I am having trouble figuring out my “Directory Path” so I can link my TrendNet wireless camera (TV-IP651WI) to upload pictures/video automatically to my Volume_2 and a sub-folder called Home_Security of the cloud. I confirmed that FTP is enabled on the Cloud The network setting on the cloud is currently set to DHCP but I am unsure if I must set it to static for this to work. I also confirmed that the FTP port (21) is properly setup on my R6200v2 router. My camera software says that it is still unable to connect to the FTP on the cloud. Any help would be awesome!

Setting the unit to a static ip will give you a more steady connection. For this procedures, it is recommended.