Link to share public files does not work


I have just installed my EX2 , I (admin) and other users can access my cloud inside my network and from external devices (Tablet, Iphone)  everything seemed to work fine. But when I tried to share a public file with someone outside my network  sending  an email with the link generated by MyCloud desktop app, the link doesn’t work  and a  “This file couldn’t be downloaded”  message appears. I have tried with different browsers ( Internet Explorer, Safari, Google) but none of them could  open or download the files.

I have reinstalled the WDEX2 and it worked with a small file, I suposse it should work with large files too.

I would be very pleased if someone can help me with this issue.


Juan Zubiaga 

What size is the file that you are trying to share? 


It’s a folder about 400 MB 

Thanks for your answer.