Link / Sync My Cloud Home drives from multiple locations (different networks / homes)

I have not seen any documentation or indication that the My cloud drive can do this BUT I would like to be able to have one drive at my home and then setup another drive at my In-laws house and link it to that one for redundancy so if my house burns down I don’t lose all my information and I don’t have to pay for an expensive web service backup. It should work like Google Drive or a Raid 1 Mirror that the two drives are part of the one cloud but the data is updated on both drives.

I would like to be able to buy 2 MyCloud Home drives and keep one at my Home and then keep the other at my In-Laws house and have them remote sync to each other so if my house burns down I do not lose everything I had b/c the other drive is still up and running at my In-Laws house.

I think this should be an easy feature to implement and all a person has to do is initially is to set up both drives in your home location on the same network and after all the files are copied over and synced then take the one drive to the remote location and set it up and plug it in and make the proper firewall changes at both locations on the routers (Port forward ect) and then its all up and running. Then a person could really set up their own true redundant personal cloud if you can then expand and add more remote locations like other relatives homes.

This is s WIN WIN situation for WD to make this happen people WILL purchase multiple My Cloud drives if this feature was available it would easily double or tripple the sales of WD My Cloud Home drives.

I already have multiple WD external drives purchased through out the last 10 years and a Windows Home Server 2012 R2 (Built from scratch by me) loaded with (4) 2TB WD RED drivwes, (2) 3TB WD RED drives, and I now added another (2) 8TD WD RED drives to it. I also have another Windows Server Essentials 2012 HP Micro Server with (4) 3TB WD RED drives.

I would love to retire this whole setup and just have a bunch of WD My Cloud Home drives.