Link for 1.04.11 firmware for N900 router, please

I did the latest firmware update a few days ago (to v. 1.05.12), but I think my N900 router was working better with the previous firmware. Could someone please provide a link to the previous firmware. I believe it was version 1.04.11. I found the source code on this site, but I couldn’t find the zip file that contains the compiled firmware bin file.

By the way, it would be a very good idea to keep previous firmware versions available.

Thank you.

If that fails, i still have it on disk and can email it to you if you like

Thanks for the link. I fetched the filed and it updated just fine.

I’m thinking that this URL will work for any firmware release as long as one knows the exact filename, right?

That’s pretty much how i worked it out…because i had the file so i knew what the file name was.