Limited access to mbl

I am unable to connect consistently. When do I connect to the dashboard I cannot update any firmware because I get a network connectivity error which is a joke because I am using a laptop right next to my tower with no connection issues at all. I’ve tried all different router ports, reset my internet connection but without success. Furthermore, the access I do have (through windows explorer) is spotty at best. It will work for a few minutes then freeze.

This is so unbelievable frustrating!!! 

Update: I think the drive is toast. Cannot access it from windows explorer or web. **bleep**!

After much effort I’ve pretty much concluded that my drive is not going to be recoverable. Currently it is plugged into my router but I cannot access it through windows explorer or the web interface. At least I still have all of my files on my PC. Guess I will need to figure out a new back up solution … not too happy about this at all considering I have barely touched it over the past few months.

Unless someone has something to share I’m putting this HD to sleep!

Have you looked at nfodiz’s recovery guide.