Limitations of Windows Server Standard FE? SP2

I had a client buy some 3+TB WD drives to replace some 650 gig drives for their backup.

And they did not work.   It has been a while and we are back looking at getting them new bigger drives again.

I appoligies I do not remember the reason they did not work.  Something to do with that big of a drive and newer write cache technology??

Can someone stear me to if a 2TB drive will work?

The OS is is the subject line and they are using Backup exec. 2012.   The backups would never finish and if you canceled them they would build on themselves to get bigger and bigger.

So if someone here can recoommend a 2TB model that will work?   When researching this a couple months ago someone said that is the biggest I can go with this backup product and OS.



Can someone stear me to if a 2TB drive will work?


At the moment, I’m not able to referred you to an specific drive since our My Book units are only supported on the following OS.

Windows®                             Mac OS X
• Windows XP                      • Leopard
• Windows Vista®               • Snow Leopard
• Windows 7                         • Lion
• Windows 8                         • Mountain Lion

Any other OS besides that might or might not work properly due to the changes on the configuration of the OS.