Limit on storage on Public folder

My Cloud Home is showing just over 2.5TB free space but I cant add anymore to the public folder, it seems to have stopped and is telling me there isnt anymore space.

Look at this and see if it helps.

You may want to visit the Learning Center for more information.

Thanks but my problem isnt accessing the public folder, I can do that fine, its the fact that it seems to have hit some sort of limit that stops me using it, I am trying to copy some files to it that are smaller than the space I have free and Windows tells me there isnt enough space on the drive

@scj123 There is no size limitation for the Public Share.
Please ensure PIP is enabled and PM me with the email address used for sign in so that we can investigate the issue.

Hi. I have the same problem. My Cloud EX2 Ultra is configured as JOBD with two 4 TB Red WD drives. The WD Web-Browser dashboard shows that there is 5.87 TB of disk space free. Acronis True Image 2018 (outright purchase) is used to back up a main computer. The backup file has a size of 2.1 TB. Acronis, however is reporting the My Cloud share has a size limitation “1.8 TB of 3.6 TB free”. This is suggesting the My Cloud share has a hard limit of 3.6 TB of which 2 TB is already taken (aligns to the last backup file). The outcome of this is my backup is limited to the space reported by Acronis (1.8 TB) where there is actually 5.87 TB of NAS space available. Can this be explained?

I have same problem. I uploaded pictures in Public Folder - Pictures and when it reached 100G it says i dont have enough space available. i have 2 time 6TB drives, pls help