Limit on number of Folders in library


I have just bought a WD TV Live Hub to replace an Apple TV as it had stopped playing most of my movies!

So far I am really impressed, but am wondering if anyone can give me some advice on how to organise the folders in the best way.

Currently I have




But when I added them to the library it stopped me at 20 as it said I had reached my limit?

And I have not got round to adding all my series inwhich would had a lot more folders!

\Series\Dr Who\Series 1\

\Series\Dr Who\Series 2\


How do I get around this so that I can get to see more in the library? 


Don’t link the Media Library to the A, B, C… 

Link the Media Library to MOVIES.  

Then it only counts as ONE, not 26.  :)

Doh - so simple - ~I was tryinbg to be too clever!

Thanks for the help,