Lima - Build your personal Cloud in seconds

it looks like another cloud is being built by a kickstarter… perhaps it is one of you users who is disgruntled by the scan and non sleep mode of WD Cloud.

Lima - Build your personal Cloud in seconds <== kick starter campaign.

That device appears to be only for external USB hard drives. Its a Ethernet to USB network adapter. Basically a supercharged version of these kinds of adapters:

Actually the addonics and other USB ethernet adapters were the original devices that I was searching for two years ago and out of all the USB 3.0 to ethernet (including routers that had USB 3.0), the My Cloud was the fastest coming in at 35MB/s writes and 75MB/s reads with a WD My Book drive dropping to 17MB/s and 23MB/s on a Vantech USB drive.

I like the concept of sticking external drives especially USB 3.0 devices on ethernet adapters. With cloud software, gone are the days of having to FTP into a NAS server.

The only problem with a kick starter is the cloud service will be vapour in a couple of years. Without WD servers, our cloud service will no longer function.