Like to run RAID 1 on WD2500BEVT but cannot find an identical drive on wd5000 BEVT

I already have the 250G and thinking of getting the WD5000BEVT to run RAID 1. The OS will be Linux base so a tool to change the LBA is desirable. Is there any tools to cut the new  WD5000BEVT in half. This is not for speed but for data protection. It will be a shared storage so added protection is important. Dell is selling the WD5000BEVT for 53 US. Googled for tools but “short stroking” is not available on WD drives.



In a RAID 1, it is always advisable to use both drives of the same size.

Don’t know of a software that can cut a drive size.

That is not nice. I wish they (Manufacturer/s) standardized and can come up with say a flexible software tools that can standardized my diff kind of hardrive. For example  buy a 500 and I can cut it to 320. have a 1.5T laying around and can cut it to 1 tb or even down to 750G to be able to run and particpate in some form of data protection.

Bottomline is “Think green and save green bucks” We already are damaging our mother earth.