Lightroom Integration Suggestions

Hello Good people at WD! Great start to the 3rd PARTY app integration, thought you would appreciate some hints from a professional photographer trying to go wireless and CAMERA to IPAD to my Newspaper PICTURE desk.

Tested it out on this trip to HAWAII and found some issues that really were a block in my workflow. Suggestions as follows:

  1. Work with ADOBE to ensure we can read the drive when using ADOBE iPAD products. Most professionals use the ADOBE products, APP development and management time would be well worth it with a larger group of people using both products… yours and theirs.

  2. Multiple selection to OPEN IN LIGHTROOM functionality

General User Interface suggestions:

  1. Still to technical, as an ex online software CEO, we never let our Coders/TECH guys design the UI. We preferred GAME developers as they have a real nack for UI. Techs are singular in their thinking, to linear and step orientated. We told them it had to be FAMER PROOF, that is a non technical farmer had to be able to pick up the UI and be intuitive. This is not.

  2. DRAG and drop files from the list on the left to a selected storage area to the right if possible. This would make going through selectively a good option and be intuitive.

3, Use more of the iPAD functionality and less of a DESKTOP/LAPtop approach. Drag and drop etc

  1. DOWNLOAD to IPAD camera roll is a MUST!

Thanks again for all your time in listening to your community! I appreciate all the efforts you and your team are placing in trying to make this the BEST product for your clients! I am excited about all the changes coming and please do not see this as a complaint, just a user interested in enhancing the experience!

Gary Brown
Professional Photographer

Hello GaryAus,

We appreciate your feedback and we will forward this to the engineering team so that they can look into this.

Hello! Great people at WD

Smashing my insta account and want to make sure I use the correct # and
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  1. A cool feature suggestion from me… a single button push on the wifi
    hard drive for a copy to drive. Just incase we can’t get the cloud app
    when we’re on a shoot. Just have the file name auto create on DATE and
    Name given in the FORMAT name from the camera… like CANON101 etc.


Love all your work! MORE MORE innovation! Can’t wait!