Lightroom collaboration via 2 MyCoud Mirror - Possible?

hi there,

my sister and me are working together on various photography projects. her photos are stored locally at her place while mine are stored at my place. we use lightroom smart previews to collaborate on editing the pictures, but are looking for options to be able to access each others RAW files.

i got an idea how this might work and i’m wondering if any of you have done something similar:

  • get 1 WD MyCloud Mirror at my sisters place
  • get 1 WD MyCloud Mirror at my place
  • use 1 drive for local storage, use the 2nd drive to clone each other’s locale storage

this will ensure, that i have a clone of my sister’s locale storage and she got a clone of my storage. will this work? also, does anyone here experience in running lightroom on such a set up?

appreciate your feedback!


Not something I would recommend. It will very likely lead to data corruption.

On such cases a synchronization utility works best. Another alternative would be grant each other access to your units via WD My Cloud.