Lightning strike

I have a 1TB WD My Book World NAS drive that was connected directly to my router and was in use by all of my computers to save pics, videos, music, and some documents. We took a lightning strike near the house which affected all my electronics. 3 computers had damage to their network cards (wired) as well as my router. All the computers operate fine and are now using USB wireless adapters.

The WD drive also had a damaged network interface and that is the only conventional way to use it. So I removed the drive from its casing and plugged it into a SATA port on my desktops mobo.

The drive spins up fine. Normally the Book World’s operate under Linux and use either ext3 or xfs for the newer “white light” correct? However, when looking under Linux at the drive, it says there are 4 partitions under the FAT16 system. I tried to look at the drive normally under Windows and it says the drive has to be formatted to be read–of course I didn’t do that. Unsure why it would be showing FAT16. Should be xfs correct? The plan was to use Linux and remount the drive and get my data, but since it says FAT16, unable to do that.

Any ideas on how to get my data off? I doubt a lightning strike wiped it clean especially when everything else in the house is operating fine.

hi, i would try to use something like  ZAR wich is a powerfull Data recovery soft that would recover files from a fat16 partition

i’d use ext2fsd on the windows machine. it helped me out when i had an issue.