LifeSpan of Western Digital 250GB SSD

Anyone Happen to know the Lifespan of Western Digital 250GB Serial ATA 6.0 SSD?
Model: WDC WDS250G1B0A-00H9H0

Western DIgital Dashboard is showing right now 89 percent in the Life span section

Should I invest in newer SSD with Christmas Giftcard?

Or is this one still perfectly fine

HI Patrick
The mean time to failure of this SSD Blue is 1.7 Million hours. That means the SSD can work for 1.7 Million hours .

Hope, I’ve answered.

Alternatively you can check health using Telcordia stress part testing software.

Ohh Ok, sounds like answered perfectly then, just got a bit concerned when say the life span dropping in the Western Digital SSD Dashboard, but excellent