Lifeguard tools--cant find DLGLICE


I recently downloaded the .iso version of lifeguard tools. Burn to cd, then booted from the cd.

The utility seems to load up ok then display’s  that it cant find the license agreement and of course wont continue.

I thought may be it was a “bad” burn so burned another copy to a dvd this time-- with same results, cant find license agreement.

I plan to write zero’s to the drive and have used the floppy version before without any problems.

Has any one encountered this before?


Can you give us a link to the download?

When you exit DLGDIAG, can you see DLGLICE.TXT by typing DIR at the DRDOS command prompt?

If DLGDIAG does not exit gracefully to the command prompt, try crashing out of it with Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Break.


my HD:
WD3200AAKS 320GB

File Name    Format    File Size    
Diag504fCD.iso    iso    2.10 MB

  1. burn image to dvd using Poweriso
  2. boot from the dvd:

“Starting Caldera DOS”…

then 2 minutes or so later:

“Unable to locate the license agrement file, DLGLICE.TXT!!
Please make sure the license agrement is located in the same path as DLGDIAG.EXE”

Few minutes later:

“Cannot load the file A:\
Insert correct Disk and stike any key"

Iam not sure what that last msg is about

All the text happens on its own. there is no keyboard input from me.
in order to clear the message have to do a hard reboot.

files on the DVD:


I downloaded and burned the *.iso file too, but the program never runs. Computer hangs after “Starting Calder DOS”. Also i have the same Data Lifguard version on a CD from a magazine. Same problem. Any ideas? SeaTools runs perfectly.

Thanks for your help,


If you view the CD ISO file with IsoBuster, you will see a Bootimg.img file in addition to your other files.

The bootimg file is a 1.44MB floppy diskette image. You can use WinImage to extract the files from within this IMG.

I think what happens is that the CD boots into DR DOS, at which point it looks like a floppy diskette and takes the drive letter A:. The AUTOEXEC.BAT file launches DLGDIAG5.EXE, and then something happens to cause the drive letter association to be lost. This results in DLGDIAG5 being unable to find drive A:, which means it cannot find DLGLICE.TXT. DLGDIAG5 then terminates and attempts to transfer control back to DR DOS. However, DR DOS cannot find its command interpreter, COMMAND.COM, because it, too, exists on drive A:. Hence DR DOS asks the operator to point to the location of COMMAND.COM.

I’m wondering if there is a BIOS setting for your floppy drive, whether or not it actually exists? Would toggling the appropriate BIOS setting change the behaviour of DLG?

I will try burning a disk using the tools you posted.  As a experiment i will leave the BIOS as is.  If  I have the same problem then I will look in the BIOS.  The machine dosnt have a floppy drive installed.


echoreply, you misunderstood me. The tools I alluded to are not needed to burn your ISO. I used them to analyse the files within the ISO.

When you boot the DLG CD, your PC behaves as if it has booted a floppy diskette. That’s why your CD gets the drive letter, A:. I’m wondering if your BIOS has a floppy drive setting that causes DLGDIAG to become confused. That’s why I suggested you experiment with likely settings in your BIOS setup. You could also toggle the BIOS settings for “legacy” devices.

After I downloaded the tools I realized what they were for. I checked both the disks I burned and I did see the additional files you mentioned on the disk. BIOS settings are ‘default’ and there is no floppy drive installed on the machine, I left everything as is. I didn’t look for a ‘legacy’ option but I will remember this and check it next time I use the lifeguard utility.

The attempt to boot from the two disks was meet with the same message as before as I expected. All the files are on the disk and I didnt change anything in the BIOS so nothing was really different.

I used my Linux CD to wipe the drive, so all is good. I thank you for your time.


I have a similar problem using an ASUS M4A79XTD EVO motherboard.

The cd contains the right files, including the licence file DLGLICE, but it reports it can’t find it (nor

I think is to do with the CD being like a phantom floppy drive.  But there is no reference to floppy drives in the BIOS.

Other bootable CD don’t work either (acronix is OK, but doesn’t report the disks correctly.

Nor does the WD Windows utility appear to work with WIndows 7.

The BIOS recognises the drive OK, but the POST says it is absent :_(

The good news is the the (2nd) drive appears to work fine from Windows, formatted OK and used OK for backups etc.