LifeGuard quick test never finishes

I ran the diagnostic tool to check for problems in my 750GB cavalier black. The quick test is estimated at 2 minutes but it doesn’t finish even after a hour. Judging by the bar, it takes about 1 minute to get to 90% of the test and then it no longer progresses (though the HDD seems to do something).

The SMART status says pass but the test never finishes. Is the HD failing?

Hi there, what if you use other tools other than DLG to test the drive?

Otherr tools should complete but will not be useful when submitting the results to Support.  WD Support need Data LifeGuard result or they can not help “us.”

Agreed, however, any respectful test can tell you if a drive is bad or not. If you now the drive is bad then you know what to do on that case…

CrystalDiskInfo was reporting problems with my hard drvie that the support agent(s) stated that there was no problems.  Once I gave the Data LifeGuard status, RMA was then set for processing. 

Buy a high quality SATA cable for the drive connections. With cheap SATA cables, SMART reports okay but DLG fails to finish testing. Sounds stupid but worth of trying.

My Caviar Black that failed the DLG Quick Test, in Dec 2010, was connected toi a quality SATA cable.  The replacement drive is still using the same cable, with a PASS result in DLG.

BTW:  RMA process works well by the replacement hard drive will only get the “original” hard drive’s warranty after 90 days.  PITA


I was addressing Mushroom, the originator of this thread.

FYI, there are people in this forum who corrected their drive issues just by changing the SATA cable.

Thank you

I understood that you were replying to the original post.  I was just stating that a high “quality” SATA cable is not a “fix all” fix.   Hard drives are released in “batches” and some units can be “duds” or defective. 

I just said “it is worth trying” and not fix for all drive issues.

Thanks anyway for the enlightenment.  :smiley: