Library won't recognize a particular folder (SOLVED)

I have 1 TB WD “Green” internal HDD in PC, divided in two equal sized partitions: R and S.

R partition contains folder “Video 1”, and S partition “Video 2”.

Both of these Folders have same Win sharing settings, full read/write acces, unticked “read only”, etc.

When I go to “Select Content Source”–> “Network Share”, everything works perfectly, WD TV detects both folders and play their content.

But problems come when I decide to go to “Select Content Source”–>“My Media Library”.

WD TV “sees” only “Video 2” folder, but won’t recognize “Video 1” for strange reason.

I tried to delete Media Library, and then WD TV  shows only “Video 2” again after compiling.

When I try mark “Video 1” folder , then press “options” button on RC, and then try to Add that folder to Media Library, it says:“The folder selected is a sub-folder an already added folder in the media library. Please choose a different folder”

Also, when try to go “setup button”—>“System”—>“Media Library”—>“Media Library Manager for network share”—>“Add network share to media library”, it says the same message.:confounded:

What subfolder is it talking about?!? There is no subfolder at all, each one is in the different partition.

Win 7 x64, wired LAN.

What media server are you using on the PC?

None media server, just simple Win 7 file sharing (I guess so, heh).

BTW, I have found solution by renaming both folders to something else, and it works fo now.

It seems IMHO that some Win7 registry leftovers from old WD TV Live did whole mess.

One is sure - It’s not a blame of WD TV SMP.

Thank You.