Library compilation ISO quicker than VIDEO_TS?

Is the library compilation on the internal drive quicker when I store every DVD as an ISO vs. the normal VIDEO_TS folder-structure?

I thought: ISO is just 1 file, and in a VIDEO_TS folder there are several VOB files, so the unit takes more time to scan those, or does it just scan the first VOB etc?

Well, the media compiler is also compiling the complete list of files for the FILES menu views, and folders too, as each Video_TS is a folder unto itself. So it’s bound to be a bit slower, and the media catalog itself somewhat larger. Is it enough to notice? I have no idea.

Personally I really like packaging a DVD into an ISO. It keeps things so much simpler. Just one file. Bits and parts cannot get lost or mixed up. Want to copy a DVD to a thumbdrive? One file.  Want to burn a new DVD? Just drop the ISO on the burner software icon and (usually) voila.

I agree it’s much more easy to have a DVD on just 1 ISO-file.

As I have not the intention to move my collection around, I want to store them on the internal drive of the TV Live Hub the way the unit does the quickest scan. So I better not trouble him searching within an ISO and leave the VIDEO_TS folders unpacked on the drive.