Liberated WD80EZZX does not work without enclosure

Purchased My Book 8TB latest version to liberate 8TB drive

However when I insert liberated HDD (WD80EZZX ) into Thermaltake Blacx 5g docking station I’m having problem accessing drive. It keeps spinning continuously, no data is seen. I suppose data are encrypted, so I start Windows Disk Management, I can see disk, partition. I can delete partition, create new one, but I can’t format it - “Data Cyclic Error”. When inserted back in original enclosure HDD works like charm, I can delete partitions, create new ones, format it. But it does not work with Thermaltake Blacx 5g docking station. I tried Linux live GParted - disk is not seen at all when installed in external Thermaltake Blacx 5g docking station.
I read some reports about ppl successfully liberating WD80EZZX out of previous versions of MyBook 8TB, in old design enclosure, PCB looks differently on mine. Is it possible mine will not work at all? Or should I try to find another external docking station?

Hi Horilka ,

As the drive is working fine in original enclosure, so you should contact Thermaltake Technical Support about this.


Well, you know that the question was not really about BlacX 5G but if there’s any kind of protection that prevents using WD80EZZX outside of original enclosure.