Lg tv thumbnails size?

Anyone know the size of the thumbnail for lg tv. All mine 200x300 image is scretch out bably.

Hi, I think you should contact LG support for that.

I did. But they don’t know. I think even samsung TV thumbnail is the same. but they also don’t know.

Maximum Size for Thumbnails with an Aspect ratio of 3:4  (eg.Typically from TMDB 1000x1500)

For FULL HD TV (1080p)  = 720x1080

For HD TV (720p)               = 480x720

For SD TV (576p)               = 384x576

For SD TV (480p)               = 320x480

You can use any of these for a WDTV product … but, the Higher the Resolution the Slower they are.

I personally use = 300x450 (Good Quality and Fast Speed)

Live Hub Metadata Scraped Thumbnails = 154x231 (Average/Low Quality and Faster Speed)

Old Gen1 WDTV’s = 120x180 (Poor Quality and Fastest Speed)

In summary, use any size/quality  you want. and keep aspect ratio (to avoid stretching)

Hello Mate,

Can you let us know exactly which WDTV are you using?

I am not using any WD TV streaming box. It is just my TV LG and the my book live duo. I stream my video through DLNA to my LG TV.

Then your issue is with your LG TV and has nothing to do with WD, so you should either contact LG or post on another appropiate forum such as here: