LG TV does not recognize files

I recently bought a lg tv with DLNA and while recognizing the WD MyCloud and folders not show any files. However, displaying all shared files that I have on the PC. Also I have a androidpc and recognizes all both the PC and the myCloud WD. I think I have everything set up properly, which may be why it does not work properly.
Thank you.
Sorry if it is not well understood. My English skills are small and have translated with Google Translator

You need to put your media in the right place, or tell the Twonky DLNA media server where to look.

Try Google translate on this thread:

thank you very much, I’ll try to see if I get it

Also make sure that your media is in a suitable format that your TV can play. The MyCloud is only acting as a file source, it’s the media player software in your TV which is actually doing the work of getting the movie up on the screen.