LG Smart TV LA660V with WD My Cloud 3TB movie watching problems

Hello everyone! 

I hope that someone can help me.Im tired of this for about two months…

I bought LG TV and wd my cloud to watch 3D movies or simple movies.

The problem is that 3D movies not always have 1st language english and watching movies from lg simple link or wd my cloud as dlna or from ps3 + wdmycloud to tv none of these allow change the language.

The PLEX oh PLEX been a nightmare.Good app because I can change language but today it crashed writing error “Application access not available” or something.

You will maybe write me use hdmi to your pc and tv and with some player change audio for movies but none of us bought wdmycloud to use cables and **bleep** wired connections and my pc is not so powerfull to play 3D movies.

Is there anything I can do to watch movies with the option to change audio track. 

This depends on the renderer which is your tv capabilities to change subtitle and audio track. My samsung smart tv allows me to change both audio and subtitle language.

If you don’t need other languages on that particular movie, remux them by removing unwanted tracks or change its priority. Example here http://forum.videohelp.com/threads/359121-How-to-extract-parts-from-a-mkv-including-all-audio-and-subtitle-tracks

Really?! Samsung TV support that?!

I have a LG smart tv and no it supports sometimes only subtitles.

So i guess thats LG’s fault… :frowning:

Changing 3d.mkv is it not taking too long time to delete audio tracks?!

Yes both my Samsung tv and blu-ray support it. Even my previous pioneer blu-ray.

Remuxing is a lot faster as it doesn’t need to re-encode the whole media…

I tried the mixer.simple movie i think it wasn’t more than 2Gb it mixed 32min. it will take forever for me to mix example Avatar 3D. 30 Gb.

And plex lg theater app stoped working yesterday and i couldn’t get it to work again.

Thats a nightmare… i will write to LG support and hope they will do something. 

Are you doing it from the nas itself? Try copying back to your local pc, remux then copy back… I just tested 16gb mkv which took 14mins to remux…also I’m running in background some 25MB/s long recovery stuffs locally…

How you do it with bluray player?! Do your bluray player have a wifi?! How are you using it,whats your system?

Yes I did it from NAS…ah i dont want to take the file from NAS to PC and then remix it because utorrent will not recognise the file for sharing (yes u got me)

I write the letter to LG today and chated with some one but there wont be an update so soon :frowning:

The same way I did on the tv. The bluray is ethernet wired but streaming is mainly from the wired tv due to ease of usage from just one samsung smart tv remote via Anynet+ to access all bluray, tv and cable box.

You can make a copy back to the pc, remux then replace the ones on the nas and refresh torrent. Your choice, I personally don’t work with huge files over the nas especially if it involves high disk activities…