Letter to the MyCloud Software team

Look - I’m rarely a complainer but I’ve been in the IT industry for over 30 years and I have to say this product is the most difficult to set up and use since the early vcr days. May I suggest…
1.) provide a user experience with the end user in mind - not what makes sense to you.
2.) build your interface with a business case mentality - what is the typical and advanced user going to try to accomplish with this product - then help them accomplish it.
3.) don’t use terms that are unfamiliar to a non-techie (shares instead of folders or directories)
4.) do a better job of testing. I am accessing the product on a Windows 8 machine - your product says there are two windows 7 machines connected. I’m trying to register a new machine and the registration process does not give me sufficient instructions on which device to go to and how to set it up.
5.) provide clear instructions for how to take automated backups - this is giving me a nosebleed.
6.) use language that is centric to the MyCloud storage device. I upload to it and download from it - not device centric.
7.) Make it much more straight-forward how to retrieve files stored on the device and copy them to a local machine.

I’ve spent hours with trying to set it up after having long ago set it aside because I couldn’t figure it out two years ago. Now I’ve had a laptop failure and am now having to use it for what I bought it for and can’t.

Hire a business analyst who knows how to solve business problems to design your software, not a code slinging technician who wants me to see the problem from their understanding.

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Check this out and look at the My Cloud│How it Works tab.

Read the current User Manual.

Visit The Learning Center

Read all the Help (?) information provided in the Dashboard.

I read and used the above except for the Dashboard before I ever got mine and have not had any problems using it, after all, it is just another computer.


I wonder if WD management knows how much money they are losing by replacing units that are perfectly good?


I don’t think they are replacing as so much as they are recycling; the incoming drives are simply re-formatted, checked and sent back out on the next RMA, but yes money is probably being spent on the shipping and tech support calls but I’m guessing they are writing it off as just the cost of doing business until the next batch of products.

The only main issue i’ve got is a lot an anxiety and when a firmware update is released. The last update had the potential of bricking the NAS that I’ve got. When it rebooted it hung when the fan spinning at full speed. Luckily a full power-cycle cured that and it’s been working on v 2.10.310 firmware fine.