Letter From WD President Jim Murphy

In the past few weeks , I had rec’d several suspicious-looking emails that issued by WD President but I feel that is an faked email …Can anyone help to identify it 's validity…??  


Western Digital [[Deleted] ]
Sent: Sunday, April 06, 2014 4:45 AM
To: [Deleted] 
Subject: Letter From WD President Jim Murphy

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Dear Customer,

At WD, our commitment to you is reliable, secure and easily accessible storage for your most valuable content. This past week you may have experienced a service disruption for our personal cloud products. If you have been directly affected by this, I want to extend my personal, sincerest apology.

We understand how important your content is to you, your business and your family. Our customers are the reason we strive each day to make better products and services that enable you to enjoy this content. Your entire digital life must be safely stored and readily accessible, and is what makes the WD personal cloud, personal. While your data has remained safe and accessible in your home or office, the service disruption may have temporarily prevented some of you from remotely accessing that content. We’ve dedicated the past week to restoring your remote access as quickly as possible.

Your feedback to us has been invaluable. All of us at WD are committed to minimizing downtime and ensuring the service information we provide is valuable and frequent. We already have implemented important changes to our infrastructure and network capability. While we have validated the vast majority of your remote connections, we continue our focus on providing uninterrupted access from your phone, tablet or computer. Your content deserves nothing less.

We recognize the importance of our role in your digital life and we will continue working relentlessly to deliver the great products and services you have come to expect from WD. For more information about our personal cloud service restoration, I encourage you to visit wd.com.


Jim Murphy
President, WD Subsidiary


Yes, it’s real.

Thanks for yr identification…

But I am questioning about the position of the WD information center here ???..How come I reported this to the  email address " webinfo@wdc.com "  for several times in the past week but keep on NO response …and needed me to get the answer from the forum !! Unbelievable …

That’s because it’s a no reply email.  It’s sent out only as a notification. 

but I never any returned notification from WD ??? Where is the notification ??

chankc wrote:

but I never any returned notification from WD ??? Where is the notification ??

I’m sorry, I must be really missing something.  I’m not sure what you mean.  The email is a letter we sent out to address the issues with the WD2go servers.  It was simply meant to inform you of where we’re at and our commitment to stay on top of these kinds of issues till they are fully fixed.  That was all.

Let’s restate my question once : I had reported the suspicious email to yr information center via email attention to " webinfo@wdc.com " for several times in the past week …but keep on NO response until I route thru my question to the forum !! It is unbelievable !

Your email should have had a notification “Do Not Reply.”  It’s called a no-reply email.  That means it is only for notification and nobody will respond to a reply to that email.  If it didn’t have that, then I apologize for that.  No one will be responding to that email.

Bill, I don’t think that’s what he’s talking about.

I think he’s saying that when he received this email, he sent a separate email to the webinfo@wdc.com email address inquiring about the authenticity of the email.

The webinfo@wdc.com email address is the address published here:


as to where such questions should be directed… he never received a response.

You are truth…

I just sent my general question to WD information center via email : webinfo@wdc.com   and ask for their clarification.

chankc wrote:

You are truth…


I just sent my general question to WD information center via email : webinfo@wdc.com   and ask for their clarification.

Thanks Tony.  I was really missing something.

I’m sorry, chankc, I thought you were referring to replying to the email that you received.  I will look into this.