Let us do your work. Make the firmware open source

As WD is not reacting to several major security issues, even if they would cost only little time to fix, I suggest the idea to make the code open source.

If you don’t want to fix those things, please give us the chance to correct those things and release updated firmware versions as downloadable images, so everyone who is interested can us it.


I was just about to recommend in the thread where you suggested this that you create an ‘idea’ for it - good to see you have already done it.  If this gets the go ahead definitely be happy to contribute.  Might be worth creating a thread for this in the forums to draw folks attention and in meantime might be worth seeing what can be done through creating custom firmware from the source code available at -  http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?groupid=906&lang=en .  Looks like the source code for the third party apps is also available so might also be able to add more options to the configuration - such as grant access to the wordpress installation folder.  


need more attention :open_mouth:

Upvote!   I think this is a great idea… this would definitely help make more options for it and have it better compete with the Lenovo & other NAS’…

I Upvote too! I also think this is a great idea…