Less online services on wd tv live plus?


The faq says the only difference between the live and the live plus versions is the NetFlix streaming support.

But, on the website, the list of the online services is smaller with the live plus (no vimeo service for example).

I live in Europe and I don’t care about NetFlix, so should i buy the normal version or the plus version ?

Technically, are both versions the same ?

The FAQ is referring to the “OLD” WDTV Live; the one that came out in 2009.  

The NEW Live (2011 model) has many additional services that neither the Old Live or Live+ support.

Yes ok for the faq, but are the information on the website also obsolete, or are they up to date ?

In fact my questions are:

  1. Where can I find an updated and complete list of the available online services for both versions (in Europe) ?

  2. Technically is the plus version much better than the normal version ? or are the main differences only functionnal ?

I’m mainly interested in youtube, dailymotion, vimeo and tunein.

If you have the normal or the + version could you tell me if those 4 services are available ?

hey all

I Watch Shows & videos online. I use only normal version of  this. So, i have no experiece of + version. Usaually i Watch all videos & Shows On you tube. 

IIRC the only difference between the Live and Live+ is Netfilx support on the latter so it won’t do you much good in Europe.