Lenovo Yoga 710 cannot see files on WD My Cloud

I have recently purchased a Yoga 710 and it fails to see the files on my WD My Cloud. The My Cloud works with my 3 other lap tops but the new Lenovo will see the WD config via an IP Address / Web Browser but not the 100Gb of files (mostly photos). Please help if you can / thanks

More information is needed.
What operating system is the Lenovo using?
How are you attempting to access or view the files on the My Cloud? Using Windows File Explorer? Using WD My Cloud Desktop? Using MyCloud.com web portal?
Have you tried “mapping” the My Cloud to your computer?
If prompted for a User name and password when accessing the My Cloud using Windows File Explorer (or Mac Finder) are you using a User and password that was created through the My Cloud Dashboard?
Is NetBIOS over TCP/IP enabled on the computer?
If using Windows is the Network configured for Home/Private?

If using Windows 10 see the following link for additional things to check:


thanks for replying … the Yoga is running Windows 10
I am accessing the My Cloud via Windows Explorer on all the lap tops incl the Yoga
I have not tried mapping - is that an easy exercise ?

Regards / Neale

Follow the nice, big, clear link to the WD Support page that Bennor posted…