Legacy Software Needed

I have a similar issue as indicated in the post below:

How can I get software to access the data stored my book backup?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hello, if you are talking about the WD Anywhere backup unfortunately it doesn’t work on Windows 10, the best way to get the data out of the drive will be to manually access the share where the backup was placed originally, or getting a computer with Window 7 and get the information out of the drive using the anywhere backup.

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Hi Marybeth,

I’ll forward the solution I received and let you put it into practice. I’m
sorry to say that I dropped that external hard drive and was no longer able
to gain access to the files. I even took the drive itself out of the case
to access that files direct outside of all the interface components in the
“book’s” plastic case. No luck. The platter on the drive is no longer
accessible through conventional means. Extraordinary (and expensive)
retrieval would not be worth the value of the file.

This came from* Great_Scott *on the support team at WD in January. I was
very pleased with having received this support but never got a chance to
use it. This link below, used to be an active link; however, you’ll have to
go to www.howtogeek.com and find it in their search engine.

I asked one of our support agents if they recognized the format, and he
said he thinks those come from the backup engine built into Windows 7.

As I recall you mentioning you are running Windows 10 now, I found this
article online that seems to have the steps needed… please note that I
am not providing this link on behalf of WD and am not endorsing it’s
content or the website that hosts it. Please make sure to back up the
backup files before restoring in case these instructions are wrong or
otherwise mess up your data (since we can’t guarantee the accuracy of third
party sites)

Good luck!



Here is the link that goes with Great_Scott support that I sent you in an
earlier post