Legacy Drive Issue

I have a MyBook II Premium drive (1 TB) I bought a while back that I have been having weird issues with since I bought it. However, what is really annoying is the drive sometimes shows up in MyComputer and other times it doesn’t and it seems to choose whether or not it wants to work at random. Keep in mind that this was a Mac version that I reformatted to NTFS…also keep in mind that I am using Windows Vista Ultimate 64 as an OS. Yeah, I know I have to use a 32 bit OS to upgrade the firmware, but that’s not the issue. I also had to buy another USB Printer data cable to use the drive since the one that came with it disappeared during a move from Hawaii to Maryland. I have come to the conclusion that maybe the data cable is lose or is not working as intended, which is causing an interruption in the drive being mounted correctly all the time. I figured this out earlier when I picked the drive up and it suddenly lost power. The power cable was in correctly, but when nudging the data cable back into the slot, the drive came back on and remounted in windows. Keep in mind the drive was actually showing prior to the cable being removed. I accidentally turned the drive off before trying to update the firmware…I turned it back on and it showed normally. Could the lose data cable be causing these issues? If so, a little electrical tape can fix that. I have ran various scan disks on the drive and have returned with no errors or bad sectors, so the drive’s partition and FAT are good since the drive works perfectly (when it chooses to show up).


Have you try using another USB cable, Also if possible try testing the drive using a different USB port.

Yes, I have tried a seperate USB port and it’s still doing it. It’s not anything to do with the USB ports themselves. The cable on the other hand could be the issue. I noticed something, though…the VCD is missing. I never turned it off and suddenly it just stopped appearing in My Computer, even when the drive is visible. What could cause that? It could be a reason the drive isn’t showing up since it’s being listed as a separate drive, most likely one that is supposed to mount first since it’s software based.

Figured I would change the drive letter to see if that helped any and it didn’t…same issues. Still getting the retical on the front of the drive spinning like crazy on start up from a cold state…if the drive is recognized with windows, I can do a restart and the drive will act normally. If I turn off the computer entirely and turn it back on, the drive will not mount properly.

Not having this issue at all with my older FAT 32 160 GB WD drive that I have had for the last 5 years.  It starts up and shuts down properly with the computer and mounts in windows every time without issue. -.-