“LEDs do not light up.”

I turned off my M.B.W.E. 2 and 10 minutes later i couldn’t turn on. It couldn’t reboot.

Users manual on page 174:

Specific Problems and Corrective Actions

The following contains specific problems that may arise during the use of the My Book World Edition. Possible solutions are listed for each problem.

LEDs do not light up.

Do the following:

• Make sure the power button on the rear of the device is turned on. • Make sure the power cord is connected correctly. • Make sure that the wall outlet has power. Test it by plugging in another device.

System cannot connect to a network and network status indicator does not light.

• Make sure the network cable is securely attached to the correct connector on the rear panel of the device.

• Try a different network cable.

• Make sure the network switch or router has power.

• Check the cabling and network equipment to make sure that all cables are properly connected.

• Try another port on the switch.

Yes, i changed everything but it couldn’t reboot. DHCP is ok.

Can somebody help me? Or i have to use my hammer…